Which PAT Tester Would Suit My Requirements?

Selecting the right PAT testing equipment is no longer that simple, given the different choices and budgets one needs to strictly adhere to. While manual test equipment are still very much in use, technological advancements have now made it possible … Continue reading

Portable Appliance Testing for Offices

Portable Appliance Testing for Offices – here’s what you need to know… Most office staff use electrical equipment, but if electrical equipment is unsafe it could cause personal injury, workplace fires or even kill. Portable appliance testing in offices aims to prevent … Continue reading

Pat Testing Training

PAT TESTING TRAINING WITH BMD & CO. LTD. BMD&CO LTD pictured receiving full handover training on their 4 new Seaward Apollo 500+ Pat Testers from Conor Phelan of Powerpoint Engineering Ltd who is one of our Pat Testing and training … Continue reading

PAT Testing in Ireland

The regulations surrounding the in-service inspection & testing of Portable Equipment can be found in the Safety , Health & Welfare at Work ( General Application) regulations 2007. Section 81: Portable Equipment states “An employer shall ensure, where appropriate, that … Continue reading

PAT Testing 101

In a nutshell, Portable Appliance Testing (PAT testing process) starts with observation of a portable appliance, followed by a formal visual inspection. The final step is a formal inspection by a person or competent to perform the testing. Step 1: Observation Simple … Continue reading

Who requires PAT Testing?

Who exactly needs to do PAT Testing? And what is involved in the PAT Testing process? PAT Testing needs to be carried out by any organisation that has portable appliances in their place of work. But was exactly is a … Continue reading

Why Do We Need PAT Testing?

PAT Testing is an essential aspect of any company’s Health & Safety Policy. All employers are required to ensure the safety of staff members or vistors to their place of work, when it comes to electrical equipment within a business premises.

7 Things You Should Know About Earth Bond Tests

Class I appliances are potentially the most dangerous appliances. An earth bond test is only applicable to a class 1 appliance with exposed conductive parts. A PAT tester does an Earth Bond or Earth Integrity Test, which shows whether the … Continue reading

PAT Testing Legislation in Ireland

Learn more about Irish Law and PAT Testing. The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulation’s S.I NO.299 of 2007 means that there is a requirement under Irish law that all businesses carry out PAT Testing on all … Continue reading