PAT Training Course Syllabus

Our PAT Course is designed to prepare you on how to use the exact make and model of the PAT Tester you use. Read through our course breakdown below to see exactly what is covered in this comprehensive PAT training course. In relation to our PAT Training course, we are a Registered Training Provider as awarded by Engineers Ireland for 2024.

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PAT Course Breakdown

What is PAT Testing?
A brief overview on the in-service, inspection and testing of portable appliances. Learn more about electrical safety parameters, e.g. earth continuity and insulation resistance. This section introduces the course participant to the code that defines PAT requirements and pass/fail values.
Code of Practice
An overview of The Code of Practice, which offers technical guidance on all aspects of Portable Appliance Testing. Learn about the guidelines on the frequency to test appliances and equipment classification and construction.
Why Test?
Guidelines on the importance of Health & Safety in the Workplace and of Preventative Maintenance.
An overview of Statutory Instrument  299 of 2007 and its requirements of employers and organisations. Course participants discover guidelines on periodic inspections and record keeping.
  • Who can carry out PAT Testing?
  • What is a competent person?
Duty of Care
This section covers the IEE Guidelines on the duty of care that should be exercised by the person carrying out PAT Testing on portable appliances.
Initial Safety Checks
Useful guidelines for initial safety checks to complete before visual inspection and testing commences.
Equipment Classification
Learn how to differentiate between Class 1 & Class 2 Equipment.
Good Housekeeping & Visual Inspections
Learn best practice methods for visual inspections of flexible cable, device integrity/discolouration and non-approved modifications to equipment. This section also covers supply requirements and Class I/Class II equipment.
Earth Bond Test
Course participants learn about IEE Guidelines and Earth Bond Test Procedures. This section also addresses Earth Bond Test for IT Equipment and an Earth Continuity Measurement Diagram.
Insulation Test
Course participants learn about IEE Guidelines and Insulation Test Procedures with the help of an Insulation Test Measurement Diagram.
Functional Test
This section differentiated between Class 1 & Class 2 equipment, and addresses the duty of care that exists when carrying out a functional test. Course participants also learn about Protective Earth Conductor Current  (Class I) and Touch Leakage Current Class 2.
Polarity Test (leads)
Course participants learn about IEE Guidelines and Polarity Test Components, with the help of an IEC Lead Test Diagram.

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