Fluke 6500 PAT Tester Review

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The Fluke 6500 PAT Tester is the ideal portable appliance tester for fast, hassle-free PAT testing.

We really like of the Fluke 6500’s accuracy and easy-to-use features. The Fluke 6500 is reliable, durable and versatile.  It not only performs basic tests on I.T equipment but can conduct more robust, stringent tests on heavier type of equipment to be found in industrial testing environments. No matter what industry you work in the Fluke 6500 is an easy to operate tester with a large colour coded LCD screen that walks users through each test simply and accurately.

The Fluke 6500 portable appliance tester easily performs all the required tests for Class 1 and Class II appliances. It has a backlit display and easy-to-use QWERTY keyboard for rapid data entry. The Fluke 6500 PAT tester can store PAT testing results in the Compact Flash memory for data transfer to a PC and backup.

One-touch solution to help increase the number of portable appliance tests performed per day, as pre-set test routines are initiated from a single button. They’re designed to enable you to work faster without compromising safety and lightweight enough to carry around when working on-site.

Here are some of the features we like:

  • Dedicated key for each test for ‘one-touch’ testing
  • Pre-set pass/fail levels to save time
  • Integral QWERTY keyboard for rapid data entry
  • Additional Compact Flash memory card capability for back-up data storage and transfer to PC
  • Pre-set, auto-test sequences for user convenience
  • Integral site, location and description codes for faster data processing
  • Memory review facility for more on-site control

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