Megger PAT420 Business in a Box Review

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So, you’re an electrical contractor, looking to diversify into PAT Testing?

The Megger PAT420 Business in a Box includes everything you’ll need. Along with helping you organise your customer database, managing appointments and billing, the Megger PAT420 BIAB also offers automatic testing and quick and simple printing of certificates.

Users of the PAT 420 Business in a box have found this kit extremely easy to use. The Megger PAT 420 is a lightweight portable PAT tester with a large LCD screen and softkeys to speed you through.

PAT420 Business in a Box includes:

  • Megger PAT420 PAT tester
  • PAT testing guide books
  • PAT labels & adaptors
  • Megger Powersuite Contractor PAT Software and information

More about the Megger PAT420 Tester…

The Megger PAT420 is a downloadable Portable Appliance Tester, that can test both 230V and 110V equipment and a wide range of PAT tests including portable RCDs. It has memory storage for 10,000 assets and can download direct to a USB memory stick.

Megger PAT 420 can perform the following tests:

  • 250 & 500V insulation tests
  • 200mA continuity test
  • Extra 10A & 25A high current earth bond tests
  • Differential, substitute & touch current earth leakage tests
  • Operational VA test (measures power)
  • Portable RCD testing
  • Extension lead and power cord tests

More about the testing process…

Each test function  is represented with a with a large colour display to easily guide users through the testing process. Not all test technicians favour the more modern electronically advanced PAT Testers, and that’s why the Megger 420 is favoured among testers who want to keep their testing uncomplicated but advanced enough to automatically record the test results and adhere the current IEE Code of Practice for PAT Testing.

More about the PAT testing guides…

The Guide to PAT Testing explains how to PAT test and which tests to perform on each type of asset. The guide also includes PASS/FAIL criteria from the IEE Code of Practice. The marketing guide shows you how to identify potential clients legal information and business model examples.

More about the PAT Testing software…

The Megger PowerSuite Contractor PAT software enables data to be read from the pat tester’s memory stick and transferred to a PC. This means that re-tests can be identfied efficiently.

Take a look at our range of PAT Testers from leading manufacturers Megger, Seaward and Fluke. If you are interested in attending a PAT Test Course to learn from an expert on a one-to-one level, take a look at our PAT training courses.

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