Portable Appliance Test Courses – What’s involved?

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Everyone is talking about Portable Appliance Test Courses– but what’s the big deal?

Portable Appliance Testing, more commonly known as PAT Testing, is the process by which electrical appliances are checked for safety. Not everyone can conduct these safety tests- to be able to carry out PAT Testing yourself you need to be deemed competent.

In order to be deemed competent, you will need to complete a PAT Test Course, also knows as PAT Training Course.

The aim of a Portable Appliance Testing training courses, is to ensure that you are familiar with PAT Testing procedures and the use of an PAT Tester, so that you can apply tests safely and correctly to portable electrical appliances (such as kettles, laptops, fans etc).

PAT Test Courses – What’s covered?

When attending a pat training course, you can expect to cover topics such as:

  • The principles and practices of PAT Testing (portable appliance testing)
  • Creating safe systems of work
  • Accident prevention and control requirements
  • PAT Testing process and application, using PAT instruments
  • IEE code of practice for service, inspection and testing of electrical equipment

If you are interested in attending a PAT Test Course to learn from an expert on a one-to-one level, take a look at our PAT training courses. PAT Test Courses can be carried out the comfort of your office, or at our premises. Courses can be booked as group booking or individual sessions.

Take a look at our range of PAT Testers from leading manufacturers Megger, Seaward and Fluke.

For further information contact us on 057 866 2162 or email us here. We’d be happy to answer any queries you might have.

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