Portable Appliance Testing for Offices

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Portable Appliance Testing for Offices – here’s what you need to know…

Most office staff use electrical equipment, but if electrical equipment is unsafe it could cause personal injury, workplace fires or even kill. Portable appliance testing in offices aims to prevent electrical injury, such as electric shock, burns and fires of electrical origin.

Portable Appliance Testing – Inspecting & Testing Electrical Equipment

Inspecting and testing equipment required 3 different actions:

  1. User checks
  2. Formal visual inspections by an appointed competent person or competent contractor
  3. Combined inspection and tests by an appointed, competent person or competent contractor

Portable Appliance Testing – User checks

Most electrical equipment faults can be detected visually. Ideally, an office should enforce PAT testing procedures which include both documented, formal visual checks and electrical tests using a PAT testing meter.

PAT testing should be carried out at specific intervals. Each piece of equipment should be labeled indicating the last test date it and the date that it is due for retest. It remains critical however, that users visually check the equipment to make sure it is in good condition before using it.These checks also apply to extension leads and sockets.

Portable Appliance Testing – Formal visual inspections

Some office equipment will requires formal, documented visual inspections. Formal visual inspections can be carried out by an competent, internal person or by competent contractors as part of the PAT testing program.

Portable Appliance Testing – Combined inspection and testing

Although ‘user checks’ and ‘formal visual inspections’ will reveal most potential faults if carried out properly, problems such deteriorating cables and terminals (brought opn by frequent use) will not be detected by the naked eye.

Testing combined with a thorough visual inspection is the only reliable way of detecting faults such as loss of earth integrity, deteriorating insulation integrity or contamination of internal and external surfaces. A combined inspection and test includes a formal visual inspection followed by electrical tests using a PAT testing meter, also known as a PAT Tester or portable appliance testers.

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