What is the law on PAT Testing?

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The requirement for PAT Testing is relatively new here in  Ireland. Apart from the regulation many insurance companies and standards authorities are insisting on companies developing  PAT Testing within their organisation. The risks to employees, employers and businesses are very real – not only from the risk of electrical shock but also the risk of fire caused by faulty appliances.

So what exactly does the law say about PAT Testing?

PAT Testing Regulations

The regulations on Portable Appliance Testing in Ireland can be found in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations, SI 299, 2007. The regulation directs employers to ensure that all portable equipment used in their place of work is  periodically inspected and tested by a competent person.

By PAT Testing any and all portable equipment, employers are able to ascertain whether or not the portable equipment (including cables and plugs) was safe and without risk on the day of the test, to persons coming into direct or indirect contact with any live part of the equipment (as far as could reasonably be ascertained).

According to PAT Testing regulations, if the certificate of the competent person indicates that the portable equipment tested was not safe and without risk on the day of the test, the employer shall ensure that the equipment is not used untill it is made safe and certified.

The results of PAT inspections and tests must be recorded and kept available for 5 years from the date of inspection. These must be available for inspection by an inspector and access is made available to users of the equipment upon request.

If work equipment are exposed to conditions causing deterioration, such equipment might poseto result in a danger to safety. To safeguard against this, periodic inspections and tests are to be carried out. When work equipment is used in another place of work it is accompanied by evidence of the last inspection and test.

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