What qualification is required to be a PAT Tester?

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The law states that anyone who wants to be a Portable Appliance Tester (PAT Tester) should be deemed to be competent at PAT Testing. To become a PAT tester you start by attentding a PAT Training course and gaining certification.

Can I become a PAT Tester?

Yes you can! Irish regulation Statutory instrument 299 of 2007 states that those undertaking inspections and testing must be deemed a competent person. The term “competency” is decribed in the regulation & IEE Code of practice as “the ability of an individual to perform a job or task properly”. In order for this to be achieved an individual should have at least attending some formal training course relevant to PAT Testing.

City & Guilds offer a training course 2377 which covers the  theortical principals of PAT Testing. In most cases,  the PAT Tester product manufacturer offer training courses following both the IEE Code of practice guidelines and training the PAT Tester and PAT software.

If you are interested in attending a PAT Test Course to learn from an expert on a one-to-one level, take a look at our PAT training courses. PAT Test Courses can be carried out the comfort of your office, or at our premises. Courses can be booked as group booking or individual sessions.

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