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Powerpoint Engineering are official distributors for Rigel Medical. The Rigel 288+ is World’s smallest, automatic, electrical safety analyser and the Rigel Safetest 60 dedicated medical safety analyser is ideal for testing high volumes of medical and laboratory equipment.


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  • Rigel_Safetest_60
    SKU: 410A910
    The Rigel SafeTest 60 is a dedicated robust, medical safety analyser. Ideal for testing high volumes of medical and laboratory equipment that does not require patient lead testing, such as beds, hoists, infusion pumps, CPAP’s and centrifuges etc.

  • Rigel_288+
    SKU: 406A910

    The Rigel 288+ is the world’s smallest handheld medical electrical safety tester to combine the features of an automatic / manual tester with data logging and asset management capability.