ClareHAL 104 Multifunction Tester

ClareHAL 104 Multifunction Tester

ClareHAL 104 Multifunction Tester


The ClareHAL 104 Multifunction Tester is an unique instrument that combines the functionality of other ClareHAL testers in one comprehensive device.

The ClareHAL 104 Multifunction Tester combines the entire range of ClareHAL testers into a single unit. The ClareHAL 104 Multifunction Tester features an intuitive user interface and push-button manual testing. The full potential of the ClareHAL 104 Multifunction Tester can be used to automate the testing sequence for fast performance on the most demanding production lines.

Tests can be started and stopped at the push of a button or choose from a variety of pre-selected automated configurations, including remote PCs, PLCs or interlocks. The internal memory stores up to 6000 test results and can be interfaced with various accessories. Tests: Earth bond, AC flash (hipot), DC flash (hipot), DC insulation resistance, ARC detection, Leakage, Load power, Power factor.

Earth/Ground Bond  
AC Flash/Hipot
DC Flash/Hipot
DC Insulation Resistance
ARC Detection
Load Power   
Power Factor   
Results Memory
Automation Option
Barcode scanner/printer Option
Internal scanner   

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