Elite Accessory Bundle

Elite Accessory Bundle

Elite Accessory Bundle

SKU: 380A9912

The Elite Accessory Bundle comes equipped with:

  • Test N’ Tag Elite 2 Printer
  • Bluetooth 2D Scanner
  • x2 Rolls Elite label 25mm
  • x2 Rolls Elite label 75mm
  • Apollo Kit Carry Case
  • 110V Test Adaptor

Compatible with Apollo Series PAT Testers (Not included in bundle)

The Elite Accessory bundle is the perfect addition to using your Seaward Apollo Pat Tester to its highest potential. The Elite Accessory bundle will greatly improve your Apollo PAT Tester experience.

The bundle includes Test N’ Tag Elite 2 Printer, Bluetooth 2D Scanner, x2 Rolls Elite label 25mm, x2 Rolls Elite label 75mm, Apollo Kit Carry Case, 110V Test Adaptor

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