Rigel Safetest 60


Rigel Safetest 60

SKU: 410A910

The Rigel SafeTest 60 is a dedicated robust, medical safety analyser. Ideal for testing high volumes of medical and laboratory equipment that does not require patient lead testing, such as beds, hoists, infusion pumps, CPAP’s and centrifuges etc.

The SafeTest 60 includes a range of safety tests to enable compliance with a range of international safety standards, including leakage testing to IEC 60601, 62353, 61010 and NFPA-99, earth bond testing to 62353, 61010 and NFPA-99, and insulation testing to IEC 62353.

Why buy the SafeTest 60?

> The SafeTest 60 is available in a wide range of power configurations to suit local and international markets

> With a large colour display and a colour-coded user interface, it’s easy to select the required tests with a single key press, whilst a fast step-through of the test routine makes the testing process speedy and dependable.


Key Features:

> Compact, robust and portable design

> Manual control of fault conditions and tests

> Accurate high current, low energy earth bond testing

> Automatic warning of secondary earth/ground paths


Compatible Accessories

> Rigel Safetest 60 Carry Case                                      SKU: 410A950


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Rigel Safetest 60 Datasheet

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Rigel Safetest 60 User Manual

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