Seaward Apollo 400+

Seaward Apollo 400+

Seaward Apollo 400+

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Seaward Apollo 400+ provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for all who need a reliable, modern PAT Tester capable of recording up to 2000 test results in the built in memory.

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Seaward Apollo 400+ Recordable PAT Tester

Seaward has expanded its Apollo series of portable appliance testers (PATs) with the introduction of a new Apollo 400+ model. Enclosed in the same shell as older brothers Apollo 500+ and Apollo 600+ – the new tester is rugged and reliable and can be powered by battery and mains.

The Seaward Apollo 400+ PAT tester offers an exceptional value for money and is a fast, flexible, mid-volume PAT Tester for straightforward electrical safety testing. The Apollo 400 enables any workplace appliance (including 3-phase equipment, RCDs and fixed appliances) to be tested.

A large, clear, colour screen makes it easy to operate while the intuitive in-built qwerty keyboard allows for fast and easy data entry. An interactive menu structure delivers options for automatic testing or user configurable test sequences.

The Apollo 400+ is a new entry expert level PAT tester. It offers built in memory for up to 2000 appliance records, wireless connectivity and is compatible with Seaward PATGuard Software to offer complete traceability and record management.

A complete range of electrical safety tests available on the Apollo 400+ help to ensure compliance with the IET 4th Edition Code of Practice. USB downloading to a PC and remote data transfer and also contribute to make data management as efficient and easy as possible.

The Seaward Apollo 400+ PAT Tester is suitable for mid-volume PAT testing where comprehensive records are a requirement. The Seaward Apollo 400+ PAT tester is a full fledged rock solid tester and is suitable for professional PAT testing technicians.

The PAT testing process can be further streamlined by using the Apollo 400+ in conjunction with a compatible label printer, barcode scanner, and PATGuard 3 Software.

The Seaward Apollo 400+ Recordable Pat Tester is ideally suited for use by Electrical Contractors, Operations Managers and Facilities Managers.

Seaward Apollo 400+ PAT Tester Features Include:

  • High resolution colour screen for easy of use
  • Large internal memory storage for up to 2000 appliance test records
  • Remote data transfer ability via a mobile device
  • Built in Bluetooth connectivity with test accessories
  • Download data to your smartphone

Apollo 400+ Instrument can perform following test functions:

  • Low current earth continuity test
  • Protective conductor current
  • Touch current and Load power/current
  • Alternative leakage current
  • IEC lead test
  • Residual Current Device (RCD) test
  • Power socket test

Another distinctive advantage of Apollo 400+ is speed of work and full compatibility with PATGuard 3 software that allows for easy report, certs and invoices generation and management.

PAT Testing packages can be tailored to your specific needs. Please contact us with your requirements, we’re here to help.

We also offer first class support form our experienced PAT instructors and technicians.

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Seaward Apollo 400+

Seaward Apollo 400+ Datasheet

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Seaward Apollo 400+ User Manual

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