Rigel Medical Safety Testing Training

Rigel Medical Device Safety Testing Training

To ensure the safety of your patients and operators the Rigel Electrical Safety Analyser Training is based on international standards and compliance which is at the heart of all Rigel products.

The training on the electrical safety analyser range is designed to ensure medical equipment’s electrical safety and is a bespoke course depending on the model of the Rigel unit you are using.

Training can be delivered on-site or online for groups by contacting sales@pat-testers.ie

Electrical Safety Analyser’s

Medical devices are classified in 2 ways. Firstly, on the power supply side as class 1 (earthed) or class 2 (double insulated). Secondly on the patient protection side as B (body), BF (body floating) or CF (cardiac floating). The below symbols are used to represent these connection types.

All medical devices are required to be labelled with the appropriate symbol(s) to identify their classification.

**Please Note**

Standard PAT testers are NOT suitable for testing medical or laboratory equipment due to the following reasons:

  • Body model – To ensure a standardised method of simulating the impedance of the human body, measurement circuits have been designed to simulate the average, typical electrical characteristics of the human body. These measurement circuits are referred to as a Body Model or Measuring Device. PAT testers do not use the body model specified in IEC 60601.
  • Fault conditions – Both IEC 60601 & IEC 62353 require leakage tests to be performed in fault conditions such as earth open, neutral open and reverse supply. Standard PAT testers do not have this functionality.
  • Leakage limits – Humans begin to feel current around 1mA but as little as 50µA can affect the organs. PAT testers are not capable of measuring such low currents.

Should you require any further information in relation to Rigel Medical equipment or training please contact us on 057 8662162 or via sales@pat-testerrs.ie.